Lessons from the man who invented the iPhone


Dear Lebohang

I am a great fan of Apple products. I have an iPhone, and iPad and even an Apple AirBook computer! And I am a great admirer of Steve Jobs who started the Apple Company.
He once said that he had three Rules for living a good life…
Connecting the dots – follow your heart and believe. Search till you find what you love to do. Keep looking, don’t settle for less. Live each day as if it is your last day.

Connecting the dots – follow your heart and believe, Steve said that when you plan your life, you cannot see how things will link together.
You can’t “connect the dots”: when you live your life forward. Only when you look back will you see how things are linked together. Steve took a class in calligraphy when he was at College.

It was something that he loved doing. And when he started designing the Apple computers, the training he got in calligraphy had a huge impact on the design of the Apple software.
When he took the class in calligraphy, he was doing something that interested him, and something he was passionate about. He could never predict how it would help him design the software for Apple computers. You cannot plan your life step by step. You can only follow your heart and believe that things will work out for the best. Search till you find something you love to do – don’t settle for less.

Going to College, dropping out of College, attending classes in things that interested him… these were things he did in his search to find something he loved to do. He had to live with friends, sleep on the floor, even get his meals from a local church because he could not afford to buy food… all of this while he was looking to find the thing he loved to do. And when he found that he really loved developing computers and software, nothing could stop him! He changed the computer industry and radically changed the music industry with the iPod.

If you are not sure what you want to do with your life. Then take the time to try out different things. First decide what you really love to do. If you just grab the first job or the first career that you find, then you are settling for less than you can be. If you work on a career that your parents or friends want you to follow, then you are settling for their dreams. You deserve to do a job you love. Don’t settle for less. Find your own dream. Live each day as if it is your last.

When you know that you are dying, then you realise how short your life is. Life is too short to live your life for someone else. Too short to do a job that your family thinks will make
them look good. Too short to do a job you hate. When Steve was told he was dying, he could look at his life without regrets.

He knew that he did what he loved doing. That makes the failures less painful and the successes even sweeter.

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