Welcome to Ambitions of a Willionaire, my name is Lebohang Mothobi and I’m from the Vaal Triangle.

My purpose for this blog stems from my lack of doing, pass that to amelioration (making things happen). Most will ask what a Willionaire is, and how one can have ambitions? Well, there’s a saying that goes, “where there’s a will there’s a way”, in our society when a man has millions we call him a millionaire, but what do we call a person who has a lot of will?

A person who acquires a strong desire and determination, who has a strong will to succeed in whatever they do… I call that person a Willionaire. Everyone has ambitions, but think of a Willionaire with ambitions = you get a never give up, I can and I will attitude that jells on you and the people around you.

An aspiring creative, graphic designer, illustrator and photographer.

I vividly imagine all my inspirations, my findings and ardently desire to apply them in my creations, and when I’m in that state I become really exceptional because I start thinking and knowing I can do things, its overwhelming.

Life is a journey, my thoughts move from point A to two, keeping an open mind that keeps on changing. Changing means growth and with growth comes wisdom.
It’s that FREEDOM that makes you feel you can do almost anything.

Thank you for visiting!!!






Email me at mothobilebohang.lm@gmail.com


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