The “Design Brief”

I’m thinking, I just signed up for a subscription, so I should probably check my inbox for those ‘welcome and thank you for registering with such and such’ to try and put a stamp on my loyalty. Soon as I hit refresh, there it was, my major advance, could this be it though?

It’s 930 am and I’m deeply embedded in them sheets, I cannot say I’m resting because I have been staring at this little screen since 745, juggling from app to app, updating stuff. I have no early appointments so why not. It’s a Thursday and my long weekend is underway, but I’m a creative, #NoDaysOff, if I’m not sketching I’m tweeting, if I’m not on CS5 (creative suite 5) I’m eating. My life.

I have never felt such joy, my pulse increased at the sight of an email, apt to make me break into a sweat with excitement, my vision… blurred.

I jumped out of bed headed straight to the bathroom, while in there, little voices in my head kept saying “reply them back, you didn’t think they would get back to you”, “this is bigger than you, you won’t be able to pull it off”. They say follow your instincts, but this… I’m unable to can, I can’t, stupid inner voices! I’m doing this with or without you! (that’s me talking to my voices, weird).

Finally I opened the email and me being such a time, I thought I would be required to submit in a weeks time maybe, but it turns out I have two months of squeezing out my creative juices. (Yes that’s the first thing I checked) the “deadline”. I love work, I sit on my workstation and stop. So I decide I should get right on with it, I can’t waste time plus it will help me a great deal doing it now since I’m in the right mood, a little bit flow of inspiration kicks in. I can almost see the final product in my head, how it will look, how it will impact the viewer and most importantly how it will get me to that seat, I have a thing for chairs.(ambition).

After doing some research, well the interweb can be such a waste sometimes, this needs my brain. So I grab a pen and start doodling, my sketches never look close to what I have in mind, so unconvincing. Four scamps and going strong I can see the light, heading to my desktop I will need a little bit of twitching. A few more mouse clicks and a thousand ctrl+Zs (undos), I’m not getting anywhere. I start to crumble. Thinking, tomorrow is another day. Fresh ideas. A whole new me.

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Can a persons life be changed by technology?

Life is a precious gift from God, there wouldn’t be technology without existence. It all stems out from the human species. They way we think and see things; how we process our thoughts and the willingness to create.

Technology is man made, therefore, in order for it to change a person’s life, someone has to keep creative, inventive and innovative, making it simpler and accessible to the masses. It doesn’t matter how you look at, but technology affects our everyday lives, we live by it, it is everywhere, in every shape and form.
Technology changes, it evolves, but WE do not change. We adapt.

As an aspiring designer, I look at it as an opportunity to contribute a great deal in what technology is and what it could be in years to come.

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